Keith Richards and former Rolling Stones cover artist Ruby Mazur get in on the NFT craze

Critics might loathe NFTs for their massive environmental impact, but Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has announced his first NFT endorsement - as part of an auction for Grammys-associated music charity MusiCares, which supports music industry professionals by offering "confidential preventive, recovery, and emergency programs to address financial, medical, and personal health issues."Teaming with OneOf - a company that specialises in creating eco-friendly NFTs for musicians, self-described as a "revolutionary, eco-conscious NFT platform" - Richards will be auctioning a signed black Gibson ES-335 electric-acoustic guitar, alongside an associated NFT of the guitar itself which includes a four-second video of him signing it "as a sign of authenticity".OneOf co-founder Adam Fell discussed collaborating with the guitarist in a statement. “We are honored to be the platform to mint the first-ever Keith Richards NFT,” Fell said. “Keith is music royalty and we applaud him and his team for championing eco-friendly blockchain technology that can empower musicians for generations to come.”The auction is set to take place via Julien's Auctions in Beverley Hills and online on January 30th at 1pm Pacific Time (around 9pm GMT). The auction was originally intended to take place the day before the 64th Annual Grammy Awards celebration, but the awards have been postponed as of January 5th due to "coronavirus-related concerns".